photo by  Ashley Elizabeth
Pile of Flesh:

long neck, collarbones, jawline, big nose, cheekbones, baby hands, cleft chin, short tongue, bottom lip, teeth, guts, thin hair, wrists, soggy brain


My name is Cole Bolick, and I am a mixed media artist and poet based in Philadelphia, PA. I am primarily self-taught. I enjoy all forms of art and grew up playing four instruments, writing, and taking photos. I have studied fashion and will continue my formal fashion studies this upcoming spring.

In fifth grade, I started using A.C. Bolick as my "writer" identity and would accompany all my poems and short stories with a "by A.C. Bolick" tagline. "A" & "C" are my first and middle initials, and "Bolick" is my last name. It's nothing particularly fancy or special, but--it was so cool to me as an 11 year-old, and I continue to use it as my "artist persona" to this day.

I offer services such as: fashion styling and advice, modeling, and photography (shooting & photo editing.) I also accept commissions for art projects and am open to collaborations. Serious inquiries only, please.